Our passion for painting comes from knowing that it’s much more than changing the colour of your walls... it’s about changing the way you experience your home and workspace. We love what we do, and we pour that straight into our work. You’ll feel it, it’s our unique gift to you.


Imagine this… You are driving home, you take a turn into your street, you reach your driveway, you get out of your car and look up to see your home. You immediately feel a sense of resonance and joy, because already from the exterior, your home reveals something very important about you... Your home tells the world about who you are...  What do you want it to say?  Are you fun, adventurous, bold, elegant? You are especially unique and your home is a reflection of that.   

But this deep sense of joy doesn’t stop there… you walk over to open your front door, and walk inside. And there it is. You haven’t just walked into your house. You’ve walked into an even deeper expression of you. Because your home has been decorated by you, chosen by you, maybe even designed by you… and now the beautiful finishes on the ceilings, and the bold feature walls too give you an even greater sense of contentment… everything you imagined your home to look and feel like is right there. You think to yourself; ‘I’ve made it.’

At Beyond Blue Painting, we know the power of turning places into beautiful, intimate spaces. And we can help you colour your life with happiness by being intentional in the work we do together. A recent Psychiatric study from the University of Cambridge concluded that painting your home correctly has significant effects on your mood, energy, creativity and mental well-being.

So we don’t just paint you home. We are artists and paint architects. And we help you create the ambience that you desire, bringing more joy, satisfaction and fulfilment to your life.

Our mission at Beyond Blue Painting, is to enhance our community’s mental and emotional well-being through what we do. And we’d love to work with you.